RainbowLite, BitLitas, EgameX and StartUPCoin added

What coin do you want? Posted by: dEv
18:34 03-15-2018

Welcome new Users!

Did you see a coin that you want us to add? We want it! We want to add any coin that our users request. You have 2 ways of sending us!

First -> Send a Support Message with a "Coin Request" subject.
Second -> Contact us in our discord! link below

Thank you!

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Trades fully operating! Posted by: dEv
17:01 03-11-2018

We are happy to anounce that trades are fully enabled and operating!

After 4 days of beta, finally exchange is fully enabled!

Our focus now is to add more pairs and coins as possible. We will offer a lot more functionalities in the future.

Come trade with us!

Thank you!

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Open Beta Announcement Posted by: dEv
22:47 03-11-2018

As you may have seen, we are announcing the official beta open.

This is the official anouncment of the open beta!.

All wallets offline for security reasons. We hope you can help us test the website for the following reward:

The first 1000 users to register in beta will receive NO TRADE FEE BONUS lifetime!

To test all website functionalities, all beta users will receive 1000.00 balance of every coin when registering. And more 1000.00 balance every 2 hours.

This beta is just to check if everything is running ok with the website. The site official launch will be within one week. All users will be notified 24 hours before it happens.

The site will be completetly translated in numerous languages, if you want to reserve the translation, you can talk to us in the links below

Thank you!

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Welcome! Posted by: dEv
15:49 03-11-2018

Welcome new Users! This is the first official Announcement.

We want to thank you for, at least, visting our website. It's so exciting for us to see, you, at least, visiting our website!

Our door will be always open for those who need.

What we are just trying to say, is welcome and good trades!

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