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About Us

AllTrade.Center is a Cryptocurrencies Exchange Focused on newer coins.
We intent to provide as many coins and many pairs as possible for our users to trade.
Our servers are located in Michigan, US. Hosted by LiquidWeb
We don't have a physical base yet, but as soon as we could, we will build one.
Our actual CEO is David Chaves [dEv], he built the website and all functionalities.

<-- What we offer -->

Powerful Trade System:
- ALL the trades are processed instantly, and as soon as you click [BUY/SELL] you will already have your new balance!

Instant withdraw:
- We will NEVER touch your money. It means that ALL withdraw request are proccessed instantly, as long as the wallet is online.

Free Coin Vote:
- Our coin vote is free for now. But, it will start being paid when we reach the 40th coin.
Paid listing:
- If you want your coin to be added more quickly you can deposit in the exchange, buy 2811.72864152 PepeGold (PEPS) and send to this address 1KKnWHBMkuAeog1YPeamav2oqCrS72ypoH. After that just send a support message with 'Coin Request' subject. Remember sending the Transaction ID.
Please contact us before paying, to check the wallet compatibility.

Open Beta Bonus:
- During the open beta, we offer NO TRADE FEE LIFETIME BONUS for the first 1000 users that register in the website.

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