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Coin Vote

About Coin Vote
If you do not prefer paying for the fast listing, you can request for your coin to coin vote list for free.
Every week the Top 3 most voted coins will be added in the exchange, paired with all main coins we have.

Coin Votes Vote Now!
MouseCoin (MIC3) 111 Vote!
HTMLCoin (HTML) 56 Vote!
FedoraCoin (TIPS) 37 Vote!
GalaxyCash (GCH) 30 Vote!
EGamingCoin (EGN) 28 Vote!
Canada eCoin (CDN) 26 Vote!
Bankitt (BKT) 23 Vote!
PlusOneCoin (PLUS1) 23 Vote!
WeaCoin (WEAC) 22 Vote!